Hackett Homecare looked after my father following the death of my mother. My parents had been married for 65 years and Dad, aged 91, suddenly found himself alone and at sea; he was also suffering from early-stage dementia. Our family struggled to look after Dad, who needed someone with him 24 hours. We wanted him to remain at home as long as possible, but we needed some extra help to achieve this.

A trusted friend recommended Hackett Homecare. Siobhán came to meet us and took proper time and consideration to find the right members of her team who would look after Dad while also staying out of his way! They had quite a tightrope to walk. Every single person who came to work with us was kind, efficient, professional, and caring. They had their hands full with Dad trying his best to live an independent life when he really wasn’t able for it anymore.

Siobhán was always accommodating, fielding long phone calls at any time, and receiving all feedback gracefully. Any small problems or quibbles were dealt with swiftly. I couldn’t recommend Siobhán or her team more highly. Whether you need a little help, or an awful lot, I would be confident in recommending Siobhán and her amazing team.

Fleur Muldowney. Ballsbridge, July 2022

Our family have used Hackett Homecare since August 2015 to care for both my Mum and now my Dad. I first heard about Hackett Homecare from friends of mine (the Mc Sweeney family) who so highly recommended Siobhan and her team.

As a family we have gradually had to increase the care for first our Mum and now our Dad.

We have had other care agencies engaged in the care of our parents over the years but the care offered by Siobhan and her team outshone all the other agencies used, to the point that we had to stop using one of the agencies as they simply were not a patch on Hackett Homecare, and we discontinued with one agency even though we had HSE funding.

All the carers from Hackett Homecare that have worked with both Mum and Dad have been competent, compassionate and 100% professional in their abilities to gently deal with the inevitable changes that have happened as both Mum and Dad’s needs changed, and have always communicated immediately with us directly to inform us of any concerns they may have noted.

We consider ourselves very lucky to have had Hackett Homecare, as it is such huge peace of mind to know that we have the best care possible. Siobhan runs a wonderful care team.

I can sincerely say that the quality of care from Hackett Homecare is the absolute best you can possibly have!

Anne Owens, Killiney. February 2020

As a family we had no previous experience of either care homes or indeed “care at home” services.

When it became clear that my Dad required more assistance in dealing with day to day living, these alternatives came into stark perspective, but from the outset, a care home was not an alternative, either for him or us.

It was by a purely fortuitous accident that I was introduced to Hackett Homecare, by a neighbour at the time; that was followed by almost two years of speaking to Siobhan Hackett by telephone only, if only to “get comfortable” with the choice.

When eventually the time was right, Hackett Homecare were retained to provide “care at home” services and from the outset both my Dad and our family knew it was the right choice.

The various members of staff at Hackett Homecare during the ensuing period of time, until his passing, proved to be gentle, genuine, and very caring, while at the same time injecting that little bit of light-heartedness that is so special in often trying circumstances.

Ultimately, my Dad passed away in his own bed and in his own home, with his family and his carer present: he could not have wished for a more peaceful passing from this world.

We offer Siobhan and her staff sincere thanks for all they did and wish them the very best for the future.

Sean & Family, May 2020. Dublin 16

We were finding it hard to get suitable homecare for our mother, but were delighted when we contacted Hackett Homecare. We found them to be caring, compassionate and extremely friendly and very accommodating with my mother’s needs. They definitely put her first in every situation and kept great contact with us regarding how she was at any particular time.

We couldn’t recommend them highly enough. This is not just a job for Siobhan and her team, it is a vocation.

Betty O’Brien. Blackrock, November 2013

My late mother received care from Hackett Homecare over a number of years, beginning with just a few hours a week and slowly increasing to a much more intense level of care. Based on this experience I cannot recommend Hackett Homecare highly enough. Everything was very professionally organised with a high level of attention to detail. There was a flexibility that was able to adapt to unforeseen events at short notice as well as a longer-range adaptation to my mother’s evolving needs. It was clear that the individual carers were carefully picked.

They were kind, patient, hardworking and very competent. They communicated well with one another and with me about any possible areas of concern as they arose and were a great help when it came to decisions about possible medical intervention. Very good records were kept, making it possible to review when necessary and to see more clearly my mother’s needs from a longer perspective. They were very reliable: turning up at the right time, handling a complex regime of medicines, watchful for my mother’s needs, anticipating issues that might arise. They were willing to go the extra mile whenever a medical emergency arose.

Their presence brought my mother the physical care she needed but also a level of companionship and support that she enjoyed. It was all friendly! There was a real relationship with each carer. Having a small number of different carers involved made for a nice balance of variety and familiarity. Thinking about all of this brings me an immense sense of gratitude that my mother was in such good hands when she needed it most.

Johnny McCann. Foxrock, August 2019

Zoe and Siobhan looked after my father Reggie while he was in hospital and helped us with the difficult transition home for a couple of weeks and then to a nursing home. Reggie couldn’t have done without them. They were always there for us as a family. Kind, supportive, extremely caring and respectful to Reggie. We are all still in touch. I can highly recommend Siobhan and her team at Hackett Homecare.

Amanda Chambers. Booterstown, April 2014

If you’re looking for the VERY BEST, look no further. Words cannot express our gratitude to Siobhán and Irene for the way they cared for Dad. We resisted the need for help as we didn’t want anyone invading our tiny little circle. We needn’t have worried. Hackett Homecare exceeded all expectations.

Siobhán and Irene are so professional, genuinely compassionate and caring, reliable and flexible. Not alone did they care for Dad in the most loving way, but they supported us through a difficult journey. They worked with us, heard us, injected a little much needed fun into our lives. They became part of our family and we still keep in touch.

We would highly recommend Hackett Homecare.

Carol & Jackie Lacey, Glasthule. April 2019

Hackett Homecare is small and personal, under the excellent management of Siobhan. Siobhan helped my mother in so many ways, while offering unwavering support to me during a very difficult time.
The genuine interest and concern shown was constant and adaptable to our needs.The care delivered to my mother was done with sensitivity, respect and warmth. The calibre of carers working with Siobhan and the standard of care delivered was always professional.
Hackett Homecare is the kind of care one would wish for a loved one but is so hard to find.

Mercedes Shelly. Greystones, March 2013

I was recommended Hackett Homecare by a friend whose father had dementia. I was so pleased and relieved at how warm, approachable and professional Siobhan was upon meeting her for the first time. My mum was pretty much in denial about her own dementia, and Siobhan completely understood that I had to pretend she was a friend whenever she came to the house.

The same with Sarah, the carer assigned to Mum who went on to visit her on weekday mornings for several months. I have to say I would have been lost without Sarah’s help and capability, as well as her compassion towards Mum. I was a bit concerned about Mum accepting visits from a new person at her stage her life (she was 97), but everything worked out wonderfully and Mum developed a lovely bond with Sarah. I was really happy when I often saw the two of them chatting (and often singing!) together like old pals, and knew she was in safe hands. Sarah really did go above and beyond the call of duty in many ways, and I will be forever grateful to her for that.

So without reservation I highly recommend Hackett Homecare.

Nicola Sedgwick. Dalkey, March 2020

The Hackett Homecare Team cared for our mother. They ‘cared’ for her in the true sense of the term, with dignity and respect.

Siobhán, Zoe and Linda worked with the family extremely well. They addressed all our mother’s personal needs with professionalism, kindness and gentleness, and were always on time.

The Hackett Homecare Team enabled us to look after our mother at home. They cared for her with such warmth and genuine respect, and went way beyond the call of duty.

We will be forever grateful for the good fortune of meeting Siobhán and her wonderful team.

Anne Greene. Sandycove, October 2013

Siobhan cared for my parents, Frank and Molly, from January 2011 to April 2012.
After my mother died in April 2011 my father, who suffered from dementia, required constant care until he was admitted to hospital where he died last May. He could not have had better care then he received from Siobhan.

Of all the carers that have attended to my parents over the past six years I would consider Siobhan to be the best in all respects. She truly cared.

I could not recommend Hackett Homecare highly enough.

Jan Cullen. Kilternan, November 2012

As Dad was approaching the final year of his life, at 90 years of age, he was admitted to hospital on a number of occasions, after each hospital stay he was less independent than previously. His greatest wish was to remain living at home. We endevoured to facilitate this but as a family we found it more difficult to support Dad as he needed and keep our own families and households going. Dad was a very particular man and liked things done in very specific ways. After Mam died, it took quite some time and fractious periods before we measured up.
The solution to our problems was Hackett Homecare. Without doubt they were the single greatest support and perfect answer to our struggle with keeping Dad safe and happy while living in his own home. Their ability to understand and blend in with his exacting ways and to win him round when he absolutely did not want strangers in his house. We know that Dad counted them as dear, good and trusted friends not long after meeting them. The entire family enjoyed the benefit of their care and understanding. Our relationship with Dad returned to one of father daughter/son instead of being his carers.

We cannot recommend Hackett Homecare highly enough and are only sorry we did not discover them sooner. They were great for Dad and great for us.

The O’Rourke Family. Kilmacud, November 2014

Siobhan and her team looked after my dearly beloved mother Kay from the summer of 2019 until her death in October 2021 which covered the traumatic Covid19 period in Ireland. As my late mother used to say “Thank you are inadequate words “My family can never thank Siobhan and her team of carers enough for the kindness, care and empathy shown to my mother. Kay although suffering a progressive enfeeblement during that period, didn’t have to go to a nursing home, didn’t suffer Covid, retained her capacity and dignity and died as she wanted to - at home. This could not have been achieved without the care and assistance of Hackett Homecare.

John O'Connor. Sandymount, July 2022

Siobhan Hackett has been helping us take care of our Mum for almost a year. In that time she and Zoe have become an integral part of our family. The love and kindness that they have shown Mum has been such a comfort to us. She has become very fond of them both, and looks forward to seeing them.
In addition to their scheduled visits Siobhan has taken to visiting Mum on her own time. We feel so blessed that we found Siobhan and her team and I hope I have done them justice in this short testimonial. Wonderful dedicated young women they are and the word ‘carer ‘ does not even begin to describe the gifts these ladies possess.

Flo Mc Sweeney. Shankill, May 2014

Hackett Homecare became a part of our family during the 4–5 years they looked after our Dad in his own home.
Over a number of years, we had been just about managing while juggling the demands of our families, work and, for some of us, travelling long distances while trying to look after our dearly loved father as best we could. We had initial reservations about inviting ‘strangers’ (carers) into the family home before a friend recommended Siobhan Hackett.

We had thought that having people we didn’t know come into the house would feel invasive and that it would be a step towards Dad losing something of his independence and privacy. However, not only were carers, Zoe, Siobhan and Irene, so completely respectful of Dad, they contributed to his quality of life by providing much more than just ‘homecare’ in the form of conversation, humour and genuine affection. They have become friends to the whole family.

It is hard to put into words what they did for Dad and us over the last number of years. He was able to have a great quality of life (getting out for walks, discussing his interests, doing the Sudoku and if necessary be taken on occasion to doctor’s appointments) and we were able to hand over to them knowing that they would mind him in the most caring and professional way possible. His meals were prepared, clothes laundered and light housework done. As the years went by and Dad became more frail and unwell at times, they looked after him with the utmost care and attention.

They are the most wonderful carers; respectful, professional, dedicated and their work is carried out with genuine care. There are so many words to describe them and they came to mean so much to all the family. When Zoe said that coming to mind Dad didn’t feel like going to work it was such a lovely compliment. That genuine connection with patients and family is probably really hard to find.

Dad enjoyed all of their company and it was lovely to see him engage with these wonderful people who enriched his life and stayed with us even in his final days and who even now we will not hesitate to contact for a chat or cup of coffee.

Family of John Byrne. Dalkey, July 2017